Sometimes the weather in the Cyclades can be rough, this is why we recommend visiting these exciting islands from May to October. The Cyclades are known for their winds, but don't be intimidated by this, winds are actually not so bad. In any case we always can provide you with anti sea sickness pills, so you will get the best experience from these magnificent islands.

Best of Cyclades route

The Cyclades is a very popular destination for tourist of any age and interests, anyone can find something interesting in those islands, starting from the world known discos and DJs on Mykonos and ending with amazing architecture and landscapes on Santorini.

As usual, we carefully mapped this route to minimize time that you spend traveling from island to island, so you can fully enjoy the variety of the Cyclades. The passages would take 2-3 hours, which leave the guests a lot of free time to explore the islands and visit historical sites.

This route requires at least 10 days, and, as with any other route we offer, during the passages you can do fishing, so called "trolling". It's a form of fishing where the rod is attached to the yacht and the bait in the water lures the fish all the time. After you catch tuna, you (or the skipper) can cook it right on the boat or take it to a tavern to grill. Sometimes the skipper catches even octopuses!

Athens – Kea – Syros – Mykonos – Paros – Ios – Santorini – Milos – Sifnos – Kythnos – Athens

   The closest the Cyclades island to Athens, just about an hour away. This island is undeservedly ignored by tourists, but in vain! Kea has a lot to offer: best hike routes from all Cyclades, colorful narrow streets and welcoming and friendly people. 

  This is why a lot of Athenians have vacation homes here, it's their secret hang out island.


    Syros is the capital of the Cyclades and one of the most populated islands on the Cyclades. Greece lovers agree that this island is very special: here you can feel the illusive spirit of real Greece. The main town is Hermoupolis, which is not only the capital, but also is one of the most fascinating ports of the Cyclades. Rich night life, beautiful beaches and one of the most delicious cuisine all that attracts tourists from all over the world.  


    Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. The most cosmopolitan island in Greece, as well as the most partying island. White sand beaches, turquoise water, myriads of bars and restaurants and people partying 24 hours a day, this is what Mykonos is. World known DJs and clubbers perform on the island every month.

   Come see yourself!


    Paros in Greece is among the most recognized islands of Cyclades. Situated in the center of the Aegean Sea, Paros island is perfect for youngsters, sentimental couples and families, as well. The Parian conventional towns, especially Naoussa, Parikia and Lefkes, are ideal examples of Cycladic engineering, with whitewashed sugar houses, cleared avenues and blue-domed monasteries and churches. The shorelines are popular for turquoise water and yellow sand. The shorelines on the south eastern side, for example, Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, are especially famous for windsurfing.


   Ios is a part of the Cycladic islands. It is especially renown for the great beaches, the unique town of Chora and surely the serious nightlife that draws mostly young people. Beach parties begin in the early afternoon and last till the early hours in Mylopotas, making it a well known place for teens and youth. Nonetheless, this island isn't just to party. It has incredible spots to unwind far from big crowds and clamor. The coastline of Ios has awesome beaches with fine sand and blue waters. 


Santorini, or Thira, is the best touristic destination not only in Greece, but in the whole World! Situated in the Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades islands, Santorini island was the site of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions on the planet and what remains today is a submerged fountain of liquid magma and a caldera. Astounding towns has been developed on the edge of this caldera, with Cycladic engineering and stunning perspective to the ocean. Aside from the astounding caldera towns, Santorini is well known for the charming nightfall, the volcano itself and the rich resorts. The best romantic gateway you can find in Greece.


Milos is a magnificent island of the Cyclades, loaded with amazements and unique appeal. It is world known for the statue of Venus of Milo (Aphrodite), a fine bit of Greek Ancient Art, that was found on the island and it is today exhibits in Louver Museum, Paris. In the course of the most recent years, Milos has additionally become popular for the unique lunar landscape in Sarakiniko, the turquoise water of the shorelines and the pleasant architecture of towns, as Klima, Plaka and Pollonia. Milos vacations are ideal for families and sentimental couples, as the island has a remarkable unwinding air. Try not to miss a pontoon trek to Kleftiko, otherwise called the Sea Meteora, an astonishing place on the southern part with fascinating water.


Sifnos, is a beautiful and generally arable island with its land sprinkled with more than 350 churches and small sanctuaries. Sifnos with its incredible shorelines and the beautiful towns, is also renown for its ceramics (for more than 2000 years) and its cuisine. Because of great variety and beauty of its landscape, Sifnos is a perfect island for those love strolling and hiking. 

Gold and silver mines gave the island extraordinary riches in olden times, therefore the island was the main contributor to the Delphi Treasury.


Kythnos is a beautiful and precipitous island situated in the western part of the Cyclades. The wild charm, the unique design and the stunning shorelines draw in numerous tourists, especially Athenians, in summer weekends and holidays. Chora and Driopida are the most historic towns in Kythnos with stone houses and stone roads, while Loutra and Merihas have numerous touristic sightseeings. Kolona is the most magnificent shoreline on the island, with delicate sand and turquoise water. Beaches of Kythnos are secluded and very clam, ideal place to relax and unwind. 


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